ABSCHIEDE is a unique German no-budget project. Each chapter explores different questions of personal loss, grief and hope, starting with a nine-year-old girl and ending with a man at the end of his life.

In MARIA (9), a young girl can no longer remember when she saw her parents together the last time. Anxious over the situation she dreams herself into a fairy tale world and becomes friends with a strange man. However, she cannot remain there long, as the menacing lady of the house returns.

In VINCENT (16) & JANA (18), two siblings are forced by their parents to provide a false alibi for their older brother, who allegedly committed a horrible crime. Before the family confronts the world, they have one night to come together in agreement.

In LISA (25) & LARS (25), two students celebrate the end of their relationship by deleting the wall paintings in their former apartment. They can't imagine being a couple anymore, but the pictures at the walls show them the dream world they once created for themselves.

In DAVID (41) & KARLA (37), a man hacks the Skype account of his wife, who disappeared after she left him a note. He is confronted with complete strangers who might know what life she is now living.

In JANA (22) & LUTHER (72), a group of friends discover an old man at their camp site. While the others don't want to deal with what could be just a homeless person, Jana, who is haunted by her own demons, is determined to help him.

All chapters were shot and produced by a group of close friends between 2007 and 2011.

Rocket Sheep Boom presents: »Abschiede«, Germany 2011, Produced, written, edited and directed by: Anil Jacob Kunnel, project managment: Lisa Maria Weber, director of photography: Mantas Jockus, Jan Derksen, Laura Rodriguez-Moscatel and Anil Jacob Kunnel, original score by: Josh Childs, Manna Horsting and Jonas Zorn, co-written by:
Rebecca Werdehausen and Malte Vogt, produced by: Rike van Bremen, Elisabeth Weydt, Britta Strampe, Rebecca Werdehausen, Lisa Maria Weber and Yochanan Rauert.

Maria: Kimia Samar, Jana: Merly Vogt, Vincent: Jonas Zorn, Lisa: Vera Molitor, Lars: Matthias Brinkmann, David: Ekkehard Freye, Karla: Carolin M. Wirth, Luther: Hartwig Ammann.

Maria (Kimia Samar) escapes into her imaginary world.

Jana (Merly Vogt) and Vincent (Jonas Zorn) must hide a horrifying family secret.

Lisa (Vera Molitor) and Lars (Matthias Brinkmann) celebrate their split up.

On his search for his wife, David (Ekkehard Freye) skypes with Renate (Christina Rademacher).

Jana (Merly Vogt) is determined to help Luther (Hartwig Ammann).